Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Pointed Herringbone Cards

 These two cards were created using the same idea but I started each one a different way. 

The herringbone pattern isn't hard to do. The first card was started along the side and toward to bottom at the centre point. I had a problem when I reached the top as the triangle at the very top is not centered (that bothers me...) For the second card, I started the pattern with the tiny triangle at the top and worked down from there. The alignment was better but it was hard to keep the pieces straight at the top since there wasn't a lot of real estate to work with! Either way, I used the same papers for both cards and altered the patterns as I worked. I added an ombre stamped sentiment for each and also stamped a few small images using two shades of ink for each image. The card fronts were adhered to white bases with craft foam and a few turquoise gems were added to each card. 



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Aimeslee Winans said...

Love herringbone, these are fab! xoxo