Saturday, February 17, 2024

Music Cards

 Every now and then, a wonderful opportunity arises for us. Mine happened earlier this week. I was invited by a former music student of mine to hear his ensembles perform in a competition. He has told me several times that I made a big difference in his life and I am the reason he decided to pursue a career as a music teacher. As a teacher, we never know the impact that we have on our students - this was one of those amazing opportunities to see that in action. 

Both of his ensembles performed wonderfully! I just put these cards in the mail for the two groups. I think it is so important to recognize students and although I don't know these young people, I know that their teacher is making a big difference in their lives. 

Below are the two cards - one for each ensemble. I know he will read the message inside to the kids. I am also attaching (albeit a very bad) photo of the two of us. I had not seen this fellow since June of 1997 when he finished grade 8. It was such a terrific reunion! 




crafty-stamper said...

How fabulous is that and to know you have inspired him so much and invite you to the competition.-love the photo and both beautiful cards.
Carol x

Aimeslee Winans said...

Saw that on FB and was so thrilled for you. As a child of 2 teachers, I know how thrilled you were. XOX