Monday, March 5, 2012

Extravaganza Entry #4 - Mondays Survival Kit

This is my 4th item for my Extravaganza entry and I did a lot of research for this one. I wanted to do a "Survival Box", specifically to get through Mondays, and I looked all over the internet for "survival boxes" before deciding what to put into this one. I wanted to make it original and amusing, while somewhat practical at the same time. The list of items in the box can be found below the photos. It is really amazing what actually fit in this box (it is one of CTMH's card boxes). I wanted to put four of each item inside but I just couldn't get everything to fit, so I had to opt for one of some things as you will see by the list, but that's OK. It is designed to help the user 
survive four weeks of Mondays.

I wanted the ribbon to come off in a way that wouldn't destroy the bow on the front so I used a velcro closure along the side.

As for the items inside, here's the list and what it reads inside the front cover (and yes, ALL of these items are inside the box - green or brown when possible!):
Mondays can be extremely challenging days. 
In this box, there are enough supplies to assist you in tackling four Mondays. 
Use them wisely.

4 Cards and Envelopes - for those things that have to get done TODAY
4 Rubber Bands - to stretch yourself beyond the limits
1 Eraser - Everyone makes mistakes. This way, you can erase yours.
4 Hershey Kisses - Everyone needs a hug or a kiss, especially on a Monday.
4 Mints - to remind you that you are worth a mint to your family and friends
4 Gum Sticks - to remind you that if you stick with it, you can accomplish anything
1 Pencil - to list your blessings every Monday
4 Boxes of Smarties - to help you on those Mondays when you don't feel smart
4 Toothpicks - to remind you to pick out the good in others
4 Buttons - to help you remember to button your lip when needed
4 Tissues - for drying those Monday morning tears
4 Paper Clips - to keep everything together when it feels like it is falling apart
4 Marbles - to replace the ones you have lost (or when it feels like it)
4 Pennies - so you'll never be broke (and they are Canadian so you'll be even richer than you think!)
4 Pins - to remind you to stay sharp
String - to tie things together when everything falls apart at that early morning meeting
4 Crayons - to colour your day bright and cheerful (and green, to match the contents of this package)
1 Battery - to give you that extra charge to keep you going... and going on Monday mornings
1 Small, Smooth Stone - to remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish
1 Puzzle Piece - to remind you that you are just one part of the bigger picture (puzzle)
4 Gems - to remind you that you a truly a gem to someone else
4 Stars - to remind you to always try your best
4 Seed Packs - to help you grow stronger as the day progresses
4 Pairs of Wiggly Eyes - to remind you that you have nothing but good days in "sight"
1 Balloon - to encourage you to reach for the sky
1 PomPom - to remind you of the warm fuzzies you give to others
1 Spoon - because sometimes you just have to stir things up a bit
4 Sandpaper Pieces - to help you file away the rough spots of Mondays
1 Bell - so when nothing else goes right, you can ring for help when you need it


All products are CTMH (does not include the interior contents of the box):

Paper: Pear Cardstock, Cocoa Cardstock, Colonial White Cardstock
Stamps: The Best Things, Vintage Type
Inks: Cocoa, Pear, Colonial White, Staz-On - Timber Brown
Accessories: My Creations Card Box, Embossing Powder - Clear Detail, Prisma Glitter, Heat Tool, Designer Ribon - Cocoa Collection, Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon, Baker's Twine - Neutral Assortment, Brad Assortment - Metal Assortment, Pewter Badge Buttons, Pear Mini-Medley (ret.), Liquid Glass, Sponge Daubers, Sponges, Foam Tape, Art Philosophy Cartridge, Font CD (ret.), Velcro Adhesive (not CTMH)

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Casandra Bennett said...

Alyson, this is adorable! Your color scheme is awesome!