Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Slimline Cards with Fold Out Panels

 This was a card style that came to mind after seeing a smaller card size with a similar idea. There are four panels on the slimline card and each folds out to reveal the centre of the card. 

For the first card, I honestly wasn't sure how it would work out so I did not decorate the inside flap panels. I chose a birthday theme and stamped and coloured all the images (very time consuming task). There is a panel on the back to write a message. Other than outlining the edges of each section, I didn't add any embellishments to this card. 

The second card has a birdie theme - and this time, I did finish the inside panels. I stamped the inside panel first and decided to colour the birdies in rainbow colours. The inside panels each have their own branch and bird(s). For the front, I cut the white cardstock first and with the pieces lined up, I stamped the images so some would cross the cut lines. They were coloured and adhered to the front panels. I added coloured cardstock under each section as well. As a final thought, I stamped some butterflies around the card and brushed their wings with a clear shimmer brush. 



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  1. Wow, lots of work, almost a little journal. But very cute, those birdies are delightful, xoxo


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