Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Journey!

My upline (Sarah Boddington) and sideline (Brae Montgomery, who just made Director - YEAH, Brae!!) held a Unit Meeting on Monday evening and I came away feeling really inspired to change some things about the way I have been working my "business" lately. I have been with Close To My Heart for almost five years and have been treating it as a hobby, which is just fine. But, I would really like to take the next step. So, with that in mind, today I sat down and did a few things - I re-organized my office space (I'm a neat freak anyways, so that didn't take me long and I enjoy doing it!) I also set up a business binder using a lot of the ideas that they suggested. I went back through the Training Academy and printed off a lot of the worksheets. Now, I am working through my "why" and "how" of the way I want to approach this. 
I forgot just how hard it is to set reasonable goals!
Any ideas that any of you can offer would be greatly appreciated as I embark on my new journey!


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  1. Hi Alyson! I am into my 2nd month as a consultant, though I have been a loyal customer for 2 years. One of the things I really connected with in the training academy courses was that the more time you invest in your business, the greater the return. You already do a lot of blog posting and show off our great products. You are one step in the right direction, to my newbie way of thinking.

    For me, it helped having a few friends that love to papercraft as much as I do. I haven't made a huge amount of sales, by any means, but am enjoying it. So far, I have offered 2 workshops a month (1 card, 1 scrapbook) and have different customers for both. I am trying to think of new ways to expand and offer more to my customers and friends. Feel free to check out my calendar on my website for idea's. You can link up to it through my blog at Have a blessed day, and keep up the good work! :)


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