Sunday, May 1, 2022

White Pigment Ink Stamped Cards

White pigment ink can be used for various techniques and this one is really neat. 

The solid images were stamped in white on coloured cardstock to form an outline. I didn't do this with a stamp platform as it was easier to use a clear block... or so I thought. The peach card was done first and the white ink was so light that I wasn't able to see it through the block. Consequently, the image that was stamped over the white is not aligned but rather looks kind of random. The white ink causes the dye ink to lighten and the areas where there was no white ink are darker. The second attempt was better but I purposely offset the turquoise image for a more random look. Sentiments were stamped in the open area of each card and I added some white drops after adhering each card front to a white card base. 



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  1. Very nice effect. I agree, the blue one is the better contrast. My first thought was, maybe a darker pink paper? XXO


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