Thursday, April 7, 2022

Crop and Create Event - Day 3

The final day of the Crop and Create Card Making event was fun but exhausting! SO many cards had already been made but the presentations were all terrific. There were four formal 90 minute classes on this last day along with a wrap-up event in the evening. 

The company name is listed under the photo. 

Concord and 9th (the last card has a fun inside feature)

Taylored Expressions

Pinkfresh Studio

Honey Bee Stamps



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  1. Hello dear Alyson, I apologize for not commenting as much. I'm on some meds again that make me have to not interact as much as usual but only for a few weeks hopefully. I've read from when you posted about coming up on posting every day for a year - congrats on that, I know it was a huge but very positive step for you and I am proud of you for being so determined. All the cards you have posted since have been delightful and gorgeous. I'm so happy the Crop event went well for you, your cards are fantastic! Love them all! xoxo


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