Saturday, February 27, 2021

Layered Floral Background Dies - Part 2

A few days ago, I posted a bunch of cards created with the Layered Floral Background Thin Cuts. These thin cuts are a set of three dies that are the size of a standard card front and are designed to be layered on top of each other to create a really neat effect. 

They can also be used as stencils if pieces are cut in white and then inked. Here are some cards created using various colours and effects. The layers of each card will be identified above the card(s). 

Here I used 3 Distress Oxide (DO) inks in shades of blue for the card on the right. The base of that card is silver foil. The inked layers resulted in the background for the card on the left which was backed with Bluebird cardstock and silver foil. 

These 2 cards were created the same way as the set above using pink and purple shades of DO inks. The base of the left card is black cardstock and the right is layered with a white base and black cardstock.

I used only the top layer to ink the card on the left (using pink and blue shades) which resulted in the background for the card on the right. The left card has a Lagoon cardstock base followed by white pearl paper, Teal glitter paper and the inked top piece. The card on the right was mounted on Pixie cardstock and then Lagoon cardstock. 

This set was done the same way as the pair above - the layers on the left card are Peacock cardstock, Raspberry cardstock and then the inked layer. The right card has a Raspberry cardstock base followed by silver glitter paper, Majestic holographic paper and the inked front. 

Some time ago, I posted this combination - I used DO inks in yellow and orange shades to create the front. The left card base is Twinkle Toes holographic paper, black cardstock, gold glitter paper and the inked front. The right card is mounted on black cardstock and then gold foil. 

These two gnome cards were created using shades of green DO inks. Each was mounted on Evergreen cardstock followed by Clover cardstock.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

I am not listing all the other supplies used as the list would go on forever. 



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PaigeDolecki said...

Alyson - these are truly outstanding! So much so that the layered die is on my next order so I can play too 😊 Thank you for sharing your art! Paige