Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Has Been a While...

Boy, it has been a long time... and that's not like me. I apologize. I have been SO busy, but that's not a reasonable excuse - everyone is busy. We got back from a canoe trip a few days ago and I have been up to my ears sorting out and cleaning up from that, washing clothes, treating fly bites (you can't imagine how nasty the fly bites are in northern Ontario until you are swarmed by them after taking a swim in the lake...), and then most of my new goodies have arrived from Close To My Heart, so I have been sorting through those, trying so hard to put them aside and not to play but rather work on the business aspect of my business first. That has consumed ALL my time lately. I don't think Dave has seen me emerge from my office for more than an hour each day since I have returned from Convention. I'll tell you - it's REALLY tough to not play with those new products - and more are arriving tomorrow! So, I don't have any new artwork to share just yet - but the business stuff is coming along nicely (although it's not very pretty to look at, unfortunately...)
Believe it or not, my Cricut Expression arrived last week and it is still sitting in the box! How is that for self-control?? Just another two days and I'll be at it!! 
Hopefully, I'll have something to show for all my patience in the next few days...
Meanwhile, thanks for your patience. 
Uncreatively yours and not very happy about it...

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