Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flowering Cactus

Dave and I were given a small cactus about 12 years ago by some friends and it has been gradually getting taller but it really hadn't done anything spectacular until last night. About 7:30 last night, we noticed a white flower starting to bloom. Within about 30 minutes, it had opened up about halfway and after about an hour, we had a flower in full bloom! Its beautiful scent permeated the kitchen area. We didn't want to lift the cactus from its sitting area on the window sill as it is very delicate, so the photos show the window sill behind it. The flower stayed open throughout the night and it was totally closed up and wilted by about 1:00pm this afternoon. This is only flower it has ever had and we are hoping it is not the last! What a pleasant Canada Day surprise! My next step is to scrapbook these photos!

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