Wednesday, January 25, 2017

EIGHT YEAR OLD's Interpretation of the Wreath Kit

My eight year old neighbour, Addy, is one incredibly talented young lady. She loves to create and work on all sorts of crafts. When she found out that her mom was doing the wreath kit with me and was planning to do both the outer and the inner wreath, she begged to do the inner wreath for herself. I thought that it would be far too difficult for her but I was in for a BIG surprise... 

She arrived after school with her mom (who had been here earlier in the day to do her own wreath) and we sat down together (I had pre-cut the pieces for the inner circle already in the colours Addy had selected based on the design that I had already created). 

I have worked with her several times before so I knew how quickly she learned but it had been a few months since we had worked together. She learns SO FAST and is so attentive to the task at hand. I showed her how to roll one of the flowers and she quickly completed the other two of them on her own. Same with the succulents... and then with a tiny bit of assistance, we curved the edges of the succulents. She also stamped the pattern onto the leaves. 

Then she began the task of attaching the pieces onto the wreath base - deciding where everything should sit. She went about this methodically, making sure the necessary edges poked out just enough. It amazed me to watch her - so much patience and care for being just eight years of age. She was so proud of her final product. I photographed her and the wreath taking care not to damage any of the pieces. That's why the wreath is on an angle - I didn't want to damage any of the pieces, so it was photographed upside down. While editing it, the range kept getting smaller so I had to stop at an angle... 

I want to sign her up as a consultant but I have to wait until she turns 18! 
She is such a pleasure to teach :) 

Here is her final wreath and below that is a photo of her holding the wreath. 



  1. What an awesome job she did! Sign that girl up for sure :)

  2. Addy did a great job...great job on her color selections and flowers. She has a good teacher.


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