Monday, September 22, 2014

A Note to All

For the next few weeks, with the exception of one Atlantic Hearts post at the end of September that is scheduled, my blog will be pretty bare of new posts. The reason: I am preparing for a move to a new location on October 4. It isn't far from where I am currently living but ANY move is a huge undertaking and it means that I have to pack up my entire crafting space. So, as of tomorrow, all my creative supplies are being packed up in preparation for this move. That means that I will not be able to create again until I am settled into my new place. It may be several days after the move until I am able to get back into actually creating again. 

So, in the meantime, stay creative, check out the blogs that I follow and support my fellow Atlantic Hearts Design Team and the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop. I will be back before you know it :) 



  1. Take care, Alyson and I hope your move goes well!

  2. Ahh moving. Not my favorite thing! Hope you get settled quickly & have that craft room up & running in record time.


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