Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mika - Update

Just a quick update on Mika...

She had her surgery this morning and she tolerated it fairly well. She was awake from the anesthetic early this afternoon but she hasn't had anything to eat or drink. The repairs to her leg were successful (YEAH for that!) 

She will also be able to come home with me tomorrow. Right now (4pm), she is apparently wrapped up in a blanket (she often does that at home - she tried to do it there but with an IV in her paw, it caused some difficulty until they realized what she wanted and were able to help her out...) and curled up in a corner of her crate. She is resting comfortably. I wish I could be there but I know I will have to wait until tomorrow to see her. It was SO hard to drop her off this morning... cried a lot on my way home, and then went for a long, hard workout. 

She'll be fine - no jumping or major activities - and she doesn't have a cast either! I guess the doctor just put in staples where he cut her leg open for the repairs. I have a cone for her already from when she was spayed and I have a feeling we'll need that (and she hates it!)

So, maybe some creating is in order this evening before I have to give my next few days of 100%attention to her... 


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