Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mika... Off for Surgery

My dear, precious puppy, Mika,  is heading into surgery early tomorrow morning. She had an accident about a month ago and one of her hind legs has been causing her some significant discomfort since that time. My veterinarian has indicated that surgery will fix the problem if it is done now but leaving it will result in early onset of arthritis (likely within the next few years) and later surgery may not repair the problem at all. 

She turns 1 year old this coming Monday (July 14). I hate to see her in pain and I know this is for the best but she will be gone overnight tomorrow and possibly a second night as well, depending how she does with the procedure. She will be coming home with a cast as well. That will absolutely break my heart. I took these photos of her earlier today. She is my baby and it will be terribly hard for me while she is gone. She is resting on her favourite blanket on top of the sofa in my living room here. 

In the picture below, she is sitting up because I asked her if she wanted to go outside... she knows a lot of tricks and commands. For a 6 pound puppy, she can get around incredibly fast, so it is very important that she listens well plus she also knows quite a bit of fun stuff too. We are still working on the treat on the nose/flip it in the air trick... she will sit with the treat on her nose but then she just drops it on the floor - she hasn't mastered the flip it in the air part yet :(
Anyways, the next couple of days will be awfully lonely without her. I am praying that everything will work out well and that the surgery will be a success. Please, if you pray, pray for Mika as well. I'll post an update as soon as I know what is happening. I take her in at 8am Thursday morning. 


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  1. Oh, Alyson...I'm so sorry she has to have a surgery. I hope all goes well and she can be back home early with you. We are awaiting the arrival of our Jagger...a blue heeler puppy that was born on June 6th. We get to pick him up in 2 weeks. I just said a prayer for you and sweet Mika. :)


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