Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Changes to My Creative Space

I have been working on some changes to improve my space where I create. Since moving to my new place, I had the opportunity to paint my creative spot turquoise (no big surprise for anyone who knows me...) but I have always wanted to completely free up my desk area for the opportunity to be able to use the full space for creating. 

I recently found some gorgeous little hanging bags on Pinterest and I really wanted to create them but the link didn't lead anywhere. By accident, I stumbled on the instructions on another site as to how to create them! I made 5 of them and that has allowed me to get my rotating carousel off my desk and hang all my supplies now. Now, nothing is on the area where I work. My Cricut machine is on the other side of my desk as it has to be hooked up to my computer. I have a table on the opposite side of my space as well and all my storage is behind me. I will photograph that at anther time.  

I also made a memo board to hang on my wall. It was so easy to do... just a canvas board with some quilt batting and a piece of fabric... some ribbon and buttons and it was done! I love it as well! 

Here are some photos so you can see what I did. I apologize for the cord running down my wall - I have to have lighting under my shelf and the cord runs through a hole in my desk - otherwise it has to run along my wall and way to the other side of the room to reach an outlet!

These are the bags I made... not being advanced with a sewing machine, I ripped out a lot of stitching on the first bag until I got the hang of what I was doing... By the fifth one, it was pretty easy!The hanging rods are from IKEA.

The next photo shows the inside of one of the bags. I put a plastic needlepoint piece inside the base of each bag, just to give it a firmer base. 6 inch embroidery hoops are really hard to find - I had to special order mine through a fabric store!

This is the memo board that I made! It looks crooked because I had to photograph it on my wall and I can't get a straight-on picture... 

If you want more information on where I found my instructions, let me know via a comment here or email me directly (see my Contact Me page at the top) and I would be happy to send you the information! 


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