Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kids' Workshop - The Results

A while ago, I posted a project that I was going to do with some neighbourhood kids as an end of the year gift for their teachers. Today was that workshop.The kidlets worked on their projects, got ink ALL over (I am amazed at how 7 years olds can manage to get ink on their arms and legs when stamping at a table... but it happens!) and completed their projects in a reasonable time period, all while laughing at me and my dog who was all over them, begging for their attention! 

Here are their finished projects, which look remarkably like my original one... I only assisted with things like tying knots and bows. The did all the stamping after being shown how to use the products correctly. They also coloured and added their embellishments and ribbon. 

I would say they did a remarkable job - I think any teacher would be happy to receive a handmade gift like this. They were SO proud of their work when they were finished and that is what warms my heart most of all :)



  1. I know those teachers had to love these gifts. They are just the best! Kudos for working with a group of 7-yr olds.

  2. Yes, Kudos for working with the young...I had my experience with my granddaughter...attention span a little short...but it was fun. They really turned out good and the teachers will love them.


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