Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The News Is In!

Well, after patiently waiting for a few weeks, I received the email from Close To My Heart that I have been waiting for... I have been selected to teach at the annual Convention again this summer! I am doubly surprised this year as only 18 Consultants were selected whereas there were 32 last year. Judging from the agenda that has been posted for Convention, it appears that there are some major changes on the way and I am really anxious to find out what those changes are but that will all come in time. I expect that the timeline this year will be really tight, though. 

However, I am up to the challenge and ready to go! I don't expect to have much of a life come mid-May through to Convention, especially since those of us who are teaching are not allowed to share ANYTHING that we are working on - that's part of the agreement. I am also really interested to find out who else has been selected to teach - I only know of two others at the present time. 

So, if you are coming to Convention, be sure to come and visit me - I would LOVE to see you! And if not, shortly after Convention, I will be posting my artwork on my blog. 



  1. Congrats on your great news! I am trying to make it to convention!

  2. Congrats Alyson.... have loads of fun (and work, too, of course). Will be watching for your artwork posts after convention!

  3. Congratulations, Alyson! If your lantern didn't blow them away, what would?! I'm excited to be on the list of teachers this year, and a little nervous about the tightness of that schedule...but super excited for all of us!


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