Thursday, September 13, 2012

Message for my Followers...

I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my blog lately... particularly issues related to colour, backgrounds, links and disappearing posts. I cannot get any assistance from Blogger help forums or from media boards as no-one else seems to be dealing with this except me. 

I am in the process of trying out another blog with Blogger to see if it is just this blog or my entire account that has been affected. I will also try out Wordpress but would prefer to stay with Blogger as I am familiar with it. Consequently, I likely will not be posting for a few days until I can get this issue resolved. 

If I end up changing blogs, I will post something here to indicate that and I ask for your support in following me to my new blog address. If things remain the same and I stay here, even better.

Thank you for your support! 



Allisa said...

Alyson, just a thought...have your tried changing browsers? I totally freaked out one day thinking half my blog was gone...turns out it was issues with Internet Explorer. Possibly try a different browser and see if everything works that way. Good luck resolving the issues, hope it is a quick fix.

Brenda said...

That's a good suggestion from Allisa. I use Chrome because I have so many problems in IE.

Paula said...

I'm not computer saavy, so I do not know what Allisa means by "changing browsers", but I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one having these issues.... I 'follow' a bunch of different blogs and I've noticed there are dropped posts on them quite often. I can tell because the post will show up in Google Reader, or part of it like the title only, but when I click on it to go to the blog, I just get a message saying the post doesn't exist. Hope you've straightened things out!