Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marker Storage

I am working on another large project which will hopefully be posted tomorrow, so that's why I haven't been posting this week... hopefully I will be back to regular posts again next week!

However, in the meantime, between working on this project, I have been slowly reorganizing my workspace. I finally received my order of the new markers and I discovered something - our ink tower doesn't have 80 marker slots - it has 76 slots (19 x 4)! And I am an organization freak, so that just is NOT going to work for me! It means that 2 sets of my new markers (when they all finally arrive) aren't going to fit and I just can't have that! In addition, there are the metallic markers, the Chalk marker and the Alcohol blending marker that need homes as well... 

So, I went on a search and hunt mission yesterday and I found something that would work for me. These folding marker cases were on sale (less than $10 each) at a locally owned craft shop and they each fit 48 markers. One will hold all my blues and greens plus all the basic colours and the other will hold all the yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, purples plus the extra markers and some other markers that I also use. It is a perfect system for me. 

Some photos are shown below. 

I found the Copic marker cases extremely expensive and the openings were too wide for our markers (as they were designed for their Sketch markers). 

One other thing - our new storage cases will not fit in our rolling tote like our old ones do (along the sides in the zippered compartments). I assume corporate is working on a solution to this, hopefully sooner, rather than later. I will miss being able to put my block case in the side of my bag when I crop away from home.
Just my thoughts for the day... 


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