Friday, May 1, 2015

Christmas Card Class - Yes, it is the wrong season...

I am taking an awesome online Christmas card class that began early in April. It is organized by Justine Hovey, who is an amazing crafter! More information on this class be be found by contacting Justine here (the price is SO reasonable - and it's not too late to join in on the fun!) She posts a new project each week that includes step-by-step instructions AND a complete video as well. The best part is that by the end of November, I will have approximately 40 Christmas cards completed (assuming I create at least one per week), so I won't feel that awful CRUNCH when the holiday season rolls around and I run out of time to make all those handmade cards! That's what I love about it. And I can alter the products to use my stash of supplies without having to go out a purchase a pile of new products as well :) I have also re-learned some older techniques and brushed up on a few skills I had forgotten about, so that's terrific! 

I wanted to show you what I have created to date: 

This one is open behind the multiple-embossed silver tree. 

This week's theme was "ugly cards" but since I didn't have any really ugly Christmas stamps, I decided to use a humorous approach instead... 


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