Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Detroit Regionals - Studio J Layouts

I got home from Detroit earlier this week - learned a lot at Regionals and will post the artwork that I completed later this week. 
Meanwhile, here are the other three Studio J layouts that I completed as part of the 5 pack we received. The new techniques really tested my patience, but I sure learned a lot in the process. 
For this layout, we were to take a photo and enlarge it at least 200% and then fit it into the bottom 6 photo wells. It took some maneuvering to align all the parts but it worked. I like the effect and it's a great way to use this layout if you don't have enough photos to fill all the photo wells. 
This was the layout that caused me so much frustration. We had to create our own argyle - I don't even LIKE argyle! It was done by creating a text box and tilting it so it would line up with the next box (yeah, right...), then add stitching and copying and pasting... sure... I ended up doing most of mine individually. Anyways, it got done. 
The last layout was all about learning to stitch around a photo and then copy and paste it around another photo. It actually went pretty quick once I figured it out. I like the way this one turned out. The new stitching options are awesome!
If you haven't used Studio J lately, get in there and try it out! You can try it out FOR FREE! Just go to my website by clicking the Shop with Me link on the left side of my blog and click the Studio J tab once you get to my website. There is absolutely NO obligation unless you decide to purchase a layout. You can play all you want for free! 


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