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The Consultant Kit is just $95 and it includes basic business supplies plus some essential supplies to get you started. It also includes $60 in Select Product Credit to allow YOU to choose the products that YOU want to start off with - like inks, papers and stamps. 

The fabulous Straight to the Top program is an incentive to assist new consultants to earn terrific rewards as they begin their new adventure as a consultant. This program alone is worth striving for as a new Consultant.
Check this out!

There are 3 levels... 
Level 1 is to sell $250 in the first 30 days after signing up. 
This is the prize 
(3 exclusive stamp sets)

Level 2 is to sell an additional $400 within 60 days of signing up. 
This is the prize 
(a gorgeous On the Go bag with a heart charm)

Level 3 is the final level and it is to sell an additional $550 within 90 days of signing up. 
This is the prize
(a Logo T-Shirt)

But that's not all! 
When you reach all three Straight To The Top levels, 
there is a BONUS PRIZE and it is an AWESOME PRIZE! 

It is a BONUS BUNDLE valued at almost $200!!!
That's a LOT of product!!!!
You can contact me for more information about this opportunity or you can 
go directly to my OBA and sign up there if you wish.