Current Campaign

Album Sale!

During the month of June, buy one My Legacy album at full price ($38.25) and get a second one at 50% off ($19.13)! 
There is no limit on how many albums you can purchase so take advantage this deal while supplies last!
There are two types of albums - Post-bound and D-Ring. What is the difference?
- The D-Ring style is perfect for projects that use pocket Memory Protectors like Picture My Life layouts. They are also terrific albums to use to store unfinished layouts or layouts that are "in progress" 
- With sturdy binding that can secure thicker layouts, the post-bound album style beautifully showcases classic 12" x 12" scrapbook pages in Memory Protectors with lay-flat seams. 

Colours and styles that are available include: 

                                                        D-Ring                      Post-Bound
                                                         Brown                          Brown
                                                          Navy                             Navy
                                                          Teal                               Teal
                                                          Red                                Red
                                                          Pink                               Pink
                                                         White                             White
This campaign is only good in the month of June and only while supplies last! 
Be sure to order the albums that you want early!
Prices do not include tax or shipping.

Purchases qualify for Hostess Rewards and the Stamp of the Month. 

You can order online on my Consultant Website or by contacting me directly 
(see the Contact Me link for more information)

Happy Shopping!